Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Generates default properties for specific devices.
 This function can perform the following actions:

 * return a list of available device types
 * return a list of parameters used to define any specific device
 * return component data for the device when passed the needed parameters

 The third form should only be used from within CreateComponent.
   types = DeviceProperties
   [p,g] = DeviceProperties( type )
       m = DeviceProperties( type, m, properties, values, computeInertia )

   type           (1,:)   Type
   m               (:)    Component struct
   properties      {:}    Property names
   values          {:}    Property values
   mass            (:)    Mass structure

   types           {:}   List of all available device types
   p               (.)   Properties data structure
   g               (.)   Geometry fields data structure
   m               (:)   Updated component struct
                           .v   Vertices
                           .f   Faces



AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/ArrayPatch
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/CameraModel
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/HallThrusterModel
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/NuclearReactorModel
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/REAModel
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/RWAModel
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/SingleAxisLinearDrive
AerospaceUtils: ComponentModels/StarCameraModel
Common: ComponentModels/Box
Common: ComponentModels/Frustrum
Common: ComponentModels/GeomPatch
Common: GUIs/MessageQueue
Common: MassProperties/Inertias
Common: Quaternion/QZero
SC: Actuator/RWA
SC: Actuator/SingleAxisDrive
SC: MagneticControl/MagneticTorquer
SCPro: ProSensors/GPSReceiver

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