Sample data for collision algorithm initialization.
  See ImpulsiveManeuver for the maneuver structure.

   Since version 7.
  caseID   (1,1)  Integer for case from switch statement.
                  Only a low-eccentricity case is implemented (1).
   d        :     Algorithm data structure
                  .hRef          Altitude of the reference orbit      [km]
                  .eRef          Eccentricity
                  .MRef          Mean anomaly                        [rad]
                  .rate          Orbit rate                        [rad/s]
                  .el0           Reference orbital elements (1,6)
                  .dR            Reference length of Hill's orbit     [km]
                  .initBounds    Error in measurement (1,6)
                  .scalev        Sigma for scaling measurement noise
                  .mSC           Spacecraft mass                      [kg]
                  .lenSC         Spacecraft length                     [m]
                  .diaSC         Spacecraft diameter                   [m]
                  .Cd            Drag coefficient
                  .Cr            Reflectivity of s/c: 0.0 for translucent; 
                                   1.0 for black-body; 2.0 for flat mirror
   y      (6,n)   Relative states
   mvr1    (:)    Maneuvers of self spacecraft (currently empty)
   mvr2    (n)    Maneuvers of relative spacecraft



FormationFlying: Collision/VerifyCollStruct
FormationFlying: Control/ImpulsiveManeuver
FormationFlying: Coord/InitializeFormation
FormationFlying: Guidance/PCGoals
Orbit: OrbitCoord/El2Alfriend
SC: BasicOrbit/OrbRate