Runs the collision monitoring algorithm for n maneuvering spacecraft.
   The "self" spacecraft is at the origin. Calls CollisionMonAlg.
   See also CollisionInit, VerifyCollStruct, GenerateTimeVector, 
            ManeuverStruct2AccelVector, CollisionMonAlg

   Since version 7.
   [prob, d, xhat, Shat, tProp] = CollisionSurvey( d, t0, y, mvr1, mvr2 );

   d        :     Algorithm data structure (see CollisionMonAlg)
   t0      (1)    Start time
   y       (6,n)  Spacecraft relative state in Hill's frame (km, km/s)
   mvr1    (1)    Maneuvers scheduled for self
   mvr2    (n)    Maneuver(s) scheduled for relative spacecraft
                  .burnData (struct)
                  .t0        [s]
                  .tF        [s]

   prob   {n}(1,:)     probability of collision    
   d      {n}(1,:)     minimum distance between spacecraft position ellipsoids
   xhat   {n}(6,:)     xhat, ellipsoid centers
   Shat   {n}(6,6,:)   Shat, ellipsoid size matrices
   tProp     (1,:)     Propagated time vector


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