Simulation routine for testing DFF guidance and control laws. 

   Since version 7.
   [t,el,fH,xH,dEl,dElDes] = DFFSim( el0, dEl0, teamGoals, dT, planTime, nOrbits, J2, dTMax, fNom, mass );

   el0          (1,6)  Initial reference orbital elements  (Alfriend format)
   dEl0         (1,6)  Initial orbital element differences (Alfriend format)
   teamGoals     (.)   Goals data structure defining desired relative motion for team
   dT            (1)   Time step for the simulation [sec]
   planTime      (1)   Time (into sim) to plan the reconfiguration maneuver [orbits]
   nOrbits       (1)   Number of orbits to simulate [orbits]
   J2            (1)   Flag indicating whether to simulate with J2 or not
   dTMax        (1,1)  Burn duration (s)
   fNom         (1,1)  Nominal thrust (N)
   mass         (1,1)  Spacecraft mass (kg)

   t            (1,:)  Time vector [orbits] 
   el           (:,6)  Orbital elements of the reference (Alfriend format)
   fH           (3,:)  Applied thrust in Hills frame [kN]
   xH           (6,:)  Relative position and velocity in Hills frame [km; km/s]
   dEl          (:,6)  Mean orbital element differences    (Alfriend format)
   dElDes       (:,6)  Desired orbital element differences (Alfriend format)


Common: Time/JD2000
FormationFlying: Control/IterativeImpulsiveManeuver
FormationFlying: Control/Lyapunov
FormationFlying: Coord/GetHillsMats
FormationFlying: Coord/RotateState
FormationFlying: DataStructures/Window_Structure
FormationFlying: Guidance/EstimateCost
FormationFlying: Guidance/GenerateTeamGoals
FormationFlying: Guidance/PopulateCostMatrix
FormationFlying: Guidance/PrivilegedAssignment
FormationFlying: Guidance/SetupAssignmentProblem
FormationFlying: Guidance/SortTeamGoals
FormationFlying: Transformation/DeltaElem2Hills
FormationFlying: Transformation/ECI2Hills
FormationFlying: Transformation/ECI2MeanElements
FormationFlying: Transformation/Goals2DeltaElem
FormationFlying: Transformation/Goals2Hills
FormationFlying: Utility/ApplyDeltaV
Math: Integration/RK4
Math: Linear/Mag
Orbit: GravityModels/LoadGravityModel
Orbit: OrbitCoord/Alfriend2El
Orbit: OrbitCoord/OrbElemDiff
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/El2RV
Plotting: GUI/AnimationGUI
SC: BasicOrbit/OrbRate