Returns data associated with various test runs for "FFMaintenanceSim".

   Each case has specific data associated with it. You may add new cases 
   to this function. This enables you to reproduce specific scenarios.

   Use the output of this function as the input to "FFMaintenanceSim".

   Since version 7.
   simOptions = FFMaintenanceTests( name );
   simOptions = FFMaintenanceTests; %% print cases, return default options

   name          (:)   Name of the stored test case

   simOptions    (.)   Data structure with the following fields:
     - el0            (1,6)  Initial reference orbital elements  (Alfriend format) [a,theta,i,q1,q2,W]
     - dEl0           (1,6)  Initial orbital element differences (Alfriend format) [a,theta,i,q1,q2,W]
     - goals           (.)   Goals data structure defining desired relative motion
     - window          (.)   Data structure defining the desired maneuver window
     - params          (.)   Data structure defining the several maneuver parameters
     - deadband       (1,3)  x,y,z dimensions of the position error deadband "box"
     - noise          (1,4)  Standard deviation of noise for the following sources:
                          noise(1) - absolute position [m]
                          noise(2) - absolute velocity [m/s]
                          noise(3) - relative position [m]
                          noise(4) - relative velocity [m/s]
     - nOrbits         (1)   Number of orbits to simulate
     - nSPO            (1)   Number of simulation points per orbit
     - distOpt        (1,3)  Disturbance options (flags)
                          (1) solar:  whether to simulate with solar pressure or not
                          (2) drag:   whether to simulate with drag or not
                          (3) J2:     whether to simulate with J2 or not
     - mass           (1,2)  Mass of reference and relative [kg]
     - aera           (1,2)  Cross-sectional area of reference and relative [m^2]
     - controlMethod   (1)   Which control method to use:
                           - closed form solution (1)
                           - linear programming (2)


FormationFlying: DataStructures/Geometry_Structure
FormationFlying: DataStructures/PlanningParameters_Structure
FormationFlying: DataStructures/Window_Structure
FormationFlying: Transformation/Goals2DeltaElem