Generate horizon sensor and sun sensor data
   [tLE,tTE,sA,uNadir,eRadius] = ADGen( el, uSun, uSpin, spinRate, mA, 
                                        hSADelay, hSAQuant,hSAQuantType, 
                                        hSAOneSigma, cantAngle, cantBias,
                                        dihedralBias, sSAQuant, sSAQuantType,
				                         sSAOneSigma, sSABias, eRadiusBias )

   el           (6)       Orbital elements
   uSpin        (3,1)     Spin axis
   uSun         (3,n)     Sun vector
   spinRate               Spacecraft spin rate (rad/sec)
   mA           (n)       Mean anomalies at which to take the data
   hSADelay     (m)       Delay in the edge times (sec)
   hSAQuant     (m)       HSA data quantization
   hSAQuantType (m)       Type of quantization-either 'round' or 'truncate'
   hSAOneSigma  (m)       Noise
   cantAngle    (m)       Sensor cant angles
   cantBias     (m)       Cant angle bias
   dihedralBias (m)       dihedral angle bias
   sSAQuant               Sun sensor data quantization
   sSAQuantType           Type of quantization-either 'round' or 'truncate'
   sSAOneSigma            Noise
   sSABias                Sun sensor data bias
   eRadiusBias            Earth bias

   tLE          (m,n)     Leading edge times
   tTE          (m,n)     Trailing edge time
   sA           (n)       Sun angles
   uNadir       (3,n)     Nadir vectors
   eRadius      (n)       Earth radius



Common: Graphics/NewFig
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/CP2I
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/E2Nu
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/M2EEl
SAAD: SAAttDet/SunData
SC: Sensor/HSAData