Path: SC/Sensor

% Computes the hsa sensor data for a spinning spacecraft. This computes
   the time tags for a single sensor. You should include biases on the
   cant angle, dihedral angle and earth width. A time delay can also
   be entered.

   Since version 1.
   [tle,tte,hew,sm] = HSAData(us, un, eradius, ua, spinrate, cant, dihedral,
                              quant, qtype, onesigma, delay)

   us           (3,n)     Unit sun vectors
   un           (3,n)     Unit nadir vectors
   eradius      (n)       Angular radius of the earth
   ua           (3,1)     Unit spin axis vector
   spinrate     (1,1)     Spin rate
   cant         (1,1)     Cant angle (rad)
   dihedral     (1,1)     Dihedral angle - between sun sensor and HSA (rad)
   quant        (1,1)     Quantization
   qtype        (1,1)     Type of quantization-either 'round' or 'truncate'
   onesigma     (1,1)     One sigma noise (rad)
   delay        (1,1)     Time delay

   tle          (n)       Leading edge times
   tte          (n)       Trailing edge time
   hew          (n)       Half chord width (rad)
   sm           (n)       Dihedral angle (rad)



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