Computes predicted measurements, plot with actual measurements
   [dA1P,dA2P,cW1P,cW2P,sA1P] = PlotPred(sensorInputs,spinRate,sensorData,

   Inputs - 
   sensorInputs   {4}    Inputs to HSAData - function that simulates an HSA
      uSun       (n,1)   Unit vectors to sun
      uNadir     (n,1)   Unit vectors to earth
      eRadius    (n,1)   Earth radii
      spinAxis   (3,1)   Spacecraft spin axis
   spinRate      (1,1)   Spin rate (rads/sec)
   sensorData   struct   HSA & sun sensor cant and dihedral angles, delay
   hSAData      struct   Contains data and processing types for HSA measurements
   measurements   {5}    Measurement vectors
      dA1M       (n,1)   Dihedral angles from HSA 1 (rads)
      dA2M       (n,1)   Dihedral angles from HSA 2 (rads)
      cW1M       (n,1)   Chordwidth angles from HSA 1 (rads)
      cW2M       (n,1)   Chordwidth angles from HSA 2 (rads)
      sA1M       (n,1)   Sun angles from SSA 1 (rads)
   jD            (n,1)   Time of each measurement
   cantBiases    (2,1)   HSA cant angle biases (rad) - optional
   vData          {2}    Each element is a vector of indices to valid measurements
                          if omitted, all measurements are considered valid

   dA1P       (n,1)      Predicted dihedral angles from HSA 1 (rads)
   dA2P       (n,1)      Predicted dihedral angles from HSA 2 (rads)
   cW1P       (n,1)      Predicted chordwidth angles from HSA 1 (rads)
   cW2P       (n,1)      Predicted chordwidth angles from HSA 2 (rads)
   sA1P       (n,1)      Predicted sun angles from SSA 1 (rads)



Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/XLabelS
Common: Graphics/YLabelS
Common: Time/JD2Date
Math: Linear/Dot
SC: Sensor/HSAData