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% Design the Small Agile Satellite. 
 There are two variants. Variant A has 12 hydrazine thrusters, a radar dish
 and a rendezvous camera. Variant B has a telescope and 4 Hall thrusters.
 Exporting files it off by default, see the end of the demo.


  1 Hall thruster              or 12 hydrazine for variant A
  1 PCU                       
  2 Magnetic torquers         
  1 Xenon tank                
  1 Honeywell RWA Array       
  1 IMU                       
  1 Magnetometer on boom      
  2 Star cameras              
  1 Radar                      for variant A

  1 ISL                       
  2 Omni antenna              
  1 High gain antenna         

  1 Telescope                  Payload B
  1 Radar dish                 Payload A

  1 LiOn battery              
  2 Solarcon arrays           

  Data processing
  1 Ethernet bus              
  1 RAD 750 processor (cPCI)  
  1 Interface board   (cPCI)  
  1 Mass memory board (cPCI)  
  1 Command receiver  (cPCI)  
  1 GPS receiver      (cPCI)  

  2 Umbilical connectors      
  1 Flange                    

  Aluminum frame              
  Honeycomb panels            
  See also SHELSInterface, NRLArray, PanelFrame, ShapedStrut, 
  PanelWithCutout,  CompactPCIChassis, XenonTank, XenonTankSupport, 
  BuildCADModel, CreateBody, CreateCADReport, CreateComponent, ExportCAD, 
  ExportOBJ, Inertias, Frustrum, RWAArray, Eul2Mat, Mat2Q, QLVLH, U2Q
  Copyright (c) 2003, 2007 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. 
  All rights reserved.


AeroUtils: CAD/BuildCADModel
AeroUtils: CAD/CreateBody
AeroUtils: CAD/CreateCADReport
AeroUtils: CAD/CreateComponent
AeroUtils: CAD/ExportCAD
AeroUtils: CAD/ExportOBJ
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/CompactPCIChassis
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/PanelFrame
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/PanelWithCutout
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/RWAArray
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/SHELSInterface
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/XenonTank
AeroUtils: ComponentModels/XenonTankSupport
AeroUtils: Coord/QLVLH
Common: Graphics/Frustrum
Common: Graphics/ShapedStrut
Common: MassProperties/Inertias
Common: Quaternion/Mat2Q
Common: Quaternion/U2Q
Common: Transform/Eul2Mat

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