Path: SC/Demos/CAD

% Demonstrate CAD geometry (vectors and rotations) using cylinders.
 Cylinders are aligned with the height along the component Z axis.
 Each of the three bodies created has one cylinder assigned.
 Each body is rotated progressively about the X axis using bHinge and 
 translated along Y using rHinge. 
 The second and third components are translated along (local) Z using rA.
 The third component is also rotated 45 degrees about Y using b and  
 translated along Z using rB.

    The axes drawn have X (blue), Y (green), Z (red) and the components are
    colored in this order as well. The body hinge vectors are drawn in black.
    The component rA vectors are drawn in cyan and the rB vectors in

 The mass properties will be computed automatically from the component
  See also BHinge, BuildCADModel, CreateBody, CreateComponent, 
  DrawSCPlanPlugIn, Eul2Mat, QLVLH, AddAxes, Rename
  Copyright (c) 2003, 2007 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.
  All rights reserved.


AeroUtils: CAD/BuildCADModel
AeroUtils: CAD/CreateBody
AeroUtils: CAD/CreateComponent
AeroUtils: CAD/DrawSCPlanPlugIn
AeroUtils: Coord/QLVLH
Common: Graphics/AddAxes
Common: Graphics/Rename
Common: Transform/Eul2Mat

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