Path: SC/Dynamics

% Gyrostat dynamics model which computes acceleration or plant matrices.
   Computes angular acceleration of a body with n wheels. Can also be
   used as a rigid body model by giving it only 4 inputs. Will return
   the linearized statespace model if 4 outputs are used.

   Since version 1.
   [wdot,h]       = GSModel(inr,inrinv,T,w,inrwheel,uwheel,Twheel,wwheel)
   [a,b,c,d,dwdt] = GSModel(inr,inrinv,T,w,inrwheel,uwheel,Twheel,wwheel,dT)

   inrinv       (3,3)     Inverse inertia matrix
   inr          (3,3)     Inertia matrix
   T            (3,1)     External torque on the body
   w            (3,1)     Body rate in the body frame
   inrwheel     (n,1)     Wheel inertia
   uwheel       (3,n)     Wheel orientation vector in the body frame
   Twheel       (n,1)     Torque on the wheel
   wwheel       (n,1)     Angular rate of the wheel
   dT                     Time step

   wdot         (3+n,1)   Acceleration
   h            (3,1)     Angular momentum in the body frame


   a            (3+n,3+n) State matrix
   b            (3+n,3+n) Input matrix
   c            (3+n,3+n) Output matrix
   d            (3+n,3+n) Feedthrough matrix
   dwdt         (3+n)     State acceleration
   im           (3+n,3+n) Generalized inertia matrix



Common: Control/C2DZOH
Math: Linear/Cross
Math: Linear/SkewSymm

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