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% Designs an air coil by minimizing a weighted combination of power and mass. 
   If wire is not input it will use #24 aluminum.
   If the dipole is a vector it will plot mass and power vs. dipole
   if no output arguments are entered. Otherwise it will plot mass and
   power vs. current.

   Since version 1.
   [power, mass, nTurns, current] = MagAirC( dipole, dim, weight, wire )

   dipole         (n)       Desired dipole (ATM^2)
   dim            (2 or 1)  [l,w] or [r] (m)
   weight         (2)       [weight constraint] if weight == 0   constraint = power
                                                if weight == inf constraint = mass
                            e.g. [inf 4] will constrain the coil to 4 kg
                                 [0   4] will constrain the coil to dissipate 4 watts.
                            weight(1) is the ratio of the (weight of coil mass/weight of coil power)
   wire           (3)       [resistivity, density, area]

   power                    Required power (watts)
   mass                     Total mass
   nTurns                   Number of turns
   current                  Current (A)



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