Path: SC/Sensor

% Returns magnetic field measurement in Earth orbit.

   You enter a scale factor and a bias in the data structure. 
   The noise field should be set to zero when this is used a part of a
   Kalman filter.

   The field "kR" selects the position, kQ selects the quaternion.
   It returns the body frame components of the magnetometer.

   qB transforms from the body to the sensor frame. There can be multiple
   sensors and multiple columns of qB, scale, bias and noise.

   This function uses BDipole

   If no inputs are given it will return the default data structure.

   Since version 11.
   y = MeasMagnetometerEarth( x, d )
   d = MeasMagnetometerEarth

   x         (n,1)  State vector
   d         (1,1)  Data structure
                    .kR            (1,3) Orbit ECI states
                    .kQ            (1,4) Quaternion
                    .qBToS         (4,n) Quaternion from body to Sensor
                    .jD            (1,1) Julian date
                    .scale         (3,n) Scale factor
                    .bias          (3,n) Bias
                    .noise         (3,n) 1 sigma noise
                    .quantization	(1,1) LSB

   y         (3*n,1)   Measurements in counts



Common: Quaternion/QForm
Common: Time/JD2000
SC: Environs/BDipole

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