Path: SC/Demos/MagneticControl

% Simulate the attitude of a rigid spacecraft with permanent magnet in LEO
 Demonstrates how the magnet dipole aligns with the Earth magnetic field
 over time. Depending on the orbit inclination and altitude, the field
 strength and direction undergoes a periodic change throughout the
 orbit. The magnetic field varies at twice orbit rate as shown in the
 The resulting motion is an undamped oscillation. The natural frequency
 of the oscillation changes with the square root of the inertia. The
 simulation includes gravity gradient torque as well.

 See also QLVLH, InertiaCubeSat, PermanentMagnetRHS, El2RV, OrbRate, Period,
 PltOrbit, RVFromKepler, BDipole, Constant, AnimateCube, Plot2D, Mat2Q, Q2Mat,
 Date2JD, Mat2Eul, Dot, Unit


AerospaceUtils: Coord/QLVLH
Common: Database/Constant
Common: Graphics/AnimateCube
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Quaternion/Mat2Q
Common: Quaternion/Q2Mat
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Transform/Mat2Eul
CubeSat: AttitudeControl/InertiaCubeSat
Math: Linear/Dot
Math: Linear/Unit
SC: Attitude/PermanentMagnetRHS
SC: BasicOrbit/El2RV
SC: BasicOrbit/OrbRate
SC: BasicOrbit/Period
SC: BasicOrbit/RVFromKepler
SC: Environs/BDipole
SC: Visualization/PltOrbit

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