Path: SC/Dynamics

  Plots the flex model including the mode shapes. 
  If only d is entered (first form below) the function will plot the mode
  shapes for unit mode displacments. The 'model' option plots the total node
  displacement for the given mode displacement, eta. The 'nodes' option plots
  the total node displacment for unit modal displacements.

  See GetFlex for formatting data into the needed structure.
   PlotFlex( d )
   PlotFlex( d, eta, opt )

   d      (:)     Flex model data structure
                  .name   (1,:)   Name of the component
                  .nNodes (1,1)   Number of nodes
                  .nModes (1,1)   Number of modes
                  .node   (n)     Node data structure
                                  .r       (3,1)  Location of each node
                                                  with respect to the origin
                                  .mass    (1,1)  Mass of each node
                                  .inertia (3,3)  Inertia of each node
                                  .nodeID  (1,1)  Node id
                  .mode   (m)     Mode data structure
                                  .modeID  (1,1)  Mode id
                                  .phi     (6,n)  x = phi*eta where
                                                 eta is the mode displacement
                                  .omega   (1,1)  Modal frequency
   eta    (m)     Mode displacements*
   opt    (p,:)   Options*        'mode shapes' (default value)
                                  'model', total node displacement
                                      * Optional inputs



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