Path: SC/SystemDesign

% Sizes the battery and solar array
 Only the type fields are needed on input. Type PowerDesign for a demo.
 Creates a plot and prints output data to the command window.
   PowerDesign;     % demo
   [battery, solarArray] = PowerDesign( el, jD, power, battery, solarArray )

   el              (1,6)   Orbital elements
   jD              (1,1)   Julian date
   power           (1,1)   Average power
   battery         (.)     Battery data structure
                            .type     (1,:) Battery type
                            .capacity (1,1) Capacity
                            .mass     (1,1) Mass of the battery
                            .volume   (1,1) Volume of the battery
   solarArray      (.)     Solar array datastructure
                            .tracking (1,:) '1 DOF' '2 DOF' 'fixed'
                            .type     (1,:) Array type
                            .power    (1,1) Required power
                            .area     (1,1) Solar array area

   battery         (.)      Battery data structure
   solarArray      (.)      Solar array data structure



AerospaceUtils: Coord/QLVLH
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Quaternion/QForm
Common: Time/FindSolsticeOrEquinox
Math: Linear/Dot
Math: Linear/Product
SC: BasicOrbit/Period
SC: BasicOrbit/RVFromKepler
SC: Ephem/Eclipse
SC: Ephem/SunV1

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