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% Smart RWA model. This models an RWA using Hall sensors. 
   The model has four states. They are:

    Integral of current error;...
    Wheel angle];

   The second is used if kA is non zero and the model bandwidth is high.
   The last is used only at small rates and only for the tachometer model.

   The GUI allows you to set the electrical dynamics on or off.


   y = RWASmart( action, u )

   When numerically integrating

   xDot = RWASmart( t, u );

   Actions with only inputs:

   RWASmart( 'initialize', rWADatastructure );
   RWASmart( 'put data word', rWATorqueCommand );
   RWASmart( 'set failure', failedRWAID );
   RWASmart( 'set data', rWADatastructure );
   RWASmart( 'set tachometer states', struct( 'omega', rWARate, 'angle', rWAAngle ) );

   Actions with output:

   rWADatastructure        = RWASmart( 'get datastructure' );
   defaultRWADatastructure = RWASmart( 'get default datastructure' );
   tachometerWord          = RWASmart( 'GetTachometerWord ' );
   frictionTorque          = RWASmart( 'get friction torque' );
   reactionTorque          = RWASmart( 'get torque' );
   electricalPower         = RWASmart( 'get power' );
   motorCurrent            = RWASmart( 'get motor current' );
   motorVoltage            = RWASmart( 'get motor voltage' );
   y                       = RWASmart( 'update' );
   xDot                    = RWASmart( x, u );
   xDot                    = RWASmart( 'get state derivative', x );


   action	  (:)    Action or state
   u         (1,1)  Input depends on action

   y        (:)    Output depends on action



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