Path: SC/Actuator

% Calculates RWA parameters from spec sheet parameters.
   If all spec sheet info is not entered, then a GUI
   will come up with entry blocks for the needed info.
   Not all parameters can be found from spec sheets.
   d = RWASpec( input )

   input	  (1,1)    Data structure. Any or all of the following field
                    can be included. Those marked with * must be entered 
                    to prevent the GUI from being drawn. Default values
                    are shown in [].

             .voltageRange    Max voltage counts * voltage resolution [5]
             .kMaxVoltage     Max voltage count [128]
             .kMinVoltage     Min voltage count [-127]
             .resVoltage      Voltage resolution [10/256]
             .kMaxTach        Maximum tach count [2048]
             .kMinTach        Minimum tach count [-2047]
             .resTach         Tach resolution   [410*pi/4096]
             .tC              Coulomb friction (N) [0]
         *   .busVoltage      Bus voltage (V) [23]          
         *   .holdingPower    Power holding max speed (W) [33]          
         *   .peakPower       Peak power (W)  [80]        
         *   .maxSpeed        Maximum wheel speed (rad/sec)  [628]
         *   .torque          Max output torque (Nm)  [0.075]

   d       (1,1)     Data structure  
             .kT          (n,1) Torque constant (N/A)
             .kV          (n,1) Voltage gain (V/V)
             .kW          (n,1) Viscous friction (N/rad/sec)
             .tC          (n,1) Coulomb friction (N)
             .iMax        (n,1) Current Limit (A)
             .iMin        (n,1) Current Limit (A)
             .r           (n,1) Resistance (Ohms)
             .kMaxTach    (1,1) Maximum tach count
             .kMinTach    (1,1) Minimum tach count
             .resTach     (1,1) Tach resolution
             .kMaxVoltage (1,1) Maximum voltage count
             .kMinVoltage (1,1) Minimum voltage count
             .resVoltage  (1,1) D/A resolution
             .kBusVoltage (1,1) Bus voltage


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