Path: SC/Dynamics

% Model for a spacecraft with a roll pivot. 
   The  wheel spins about the -y axis in the pivot frame. The wheel is forced 
   to be symmetric so that we do not have to account for a wheel angle.
   [xDot, h1, inr, p] = SCWithRollPivot( x, t, d, action )

   x           (10,1)  State vector [q;theta,w,wP,wW]
   d           (:,:)   .scInertia           (3,3) Spacecraft inertia
                       .bWheelAlignment     (3,3) Wheel alignment
                       .pivotInertia        (3,3) Pivot inertia
                       .wheelInertia        (1,2) [ Wheel polar inertia, transverse inertia]
                       .commandedPivotAngle (1,1) Commanded angle
                       .pivotRateGain       (1,1) Pivot rate gain
                       .pivotAngleGain      (1,1) Pivot angle gain
                       .torque              (3,1) Torque on the spacecraft
                       .torqueWheel         (1,1) Torque on the wheel
   action      (1,:)   Any input returns h

   xDot        (10,1)  State vector derivative [theta,w(3,1),wP,wW] or body
                       angular momentum
   h           (3,1)   Angular momentum in the body frame
   iner        (5,5)   Generalized inertia matrix



AerospaceUtils: Coord/QIToBDot
Math: Linear/Skew

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