Path: SC/SCDatabase

% GUI to output the value of a constant for a spacecraft.
   This function has a sample database. 

   To make one for your vehicle you edit the internal functions Catalog()
   and Database()

   1. Make a list of parameters, their values and units.
   2. Enter the list in the Database() function
   3. Add the list to Catalog() function

   To use the GUI just type ScDB and an interactive GUI will appear. The list
   will include everything in the database. Type
   a string into search string to search for a parameter. Click on the
   parameter that appears to get its value and units. If you type 'all'
   then all parameters will appear. 

   When you click on a parameter it will appear in the GUI and in the

   Searches are NOT case sensitive.

   To access a parameter without the GUI type

   [x, u] = ScDB( 'my parameter' );
   Since version 1.
   [x, u] = ScDB( q, gUICode )

   q             (1,:)   String describing the constant
   gUICode       (1,:)   You don't use this. 

   x             (:)     The value
   u             (1,:)   Units (if applicable)


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