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% Computes the solar flux prediction based on Julian date. 
   This function requires the mat file "SolarFluxPredictions". Returns
   error bars on the daily 10.7 cm flux (predicted/high/low). The differences
   between early, nominal, and late timing of the solar cycle are not that
   great, shifting the model on the order of a few months.
   The outputs of this function are used by AtmJ70.

   The database is good until 2020.

   Has a built-in demo that plots for no outputs. 
   [aP, f, fHat, fHat400] = SolarFluxPrediction( jD, timing )

   jD          (1,1) Julian date
   timing      (1,1) 'nominal', 'early', 'late'

   aP          (1,1) Geomagnetic index 6.7 hours before the computation
   f           (3,1) Daily 10.7 cm solar flux (e-22 watts/m^2/cycle/sec)
   fHat        (3,1) 81-day mean of f (e-22 watts/m^2/cycle/sec)
   fHat400     (3,1) fHat 400 days before computation date



Common: FileUtils/FindDirectory
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Time/Date2JD
SC: SCMat/SolarFluxPredictions

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