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% Computes the solar system elements on a given Julian Date.
   The input elements are referenced to JD2000.
   See also Planets, PlanetElements.
   [i, W, w, a, e, L] = SolarSystemElements( iv, Wv, wv, av, ev, Lv, jD )
   [i, W, w, a, e, L] = SolarSystemElements( d, jD )
   el = SolarSystemElements( d, jD )

   iv            (1,2)   Inclination wrt ecliptic plane     (rad)
   Wv            (1,2)   Longitude of ascending node wrt vernal equinox  (rad)
   wv            (1,2)   Argument of perhelion      (rad)
   av            (1,2)   Mean distance (au)
   ev            (1,2)   Eccentricity
   Lv            (1,3)   Mean longitude (rad)
   name          (1,:)   Name of planet
      - OR -
   d              (:)    Data structure array with above fields
   jD            (1,1)   Julian date     (days)

   i             (1,n)   Inclination     (rad)
   W             (1,n)   Ascending node  (rad)
   w             (1,n)   Perihelion      (rad)
   a             (1,n)   Semi-major axis
   e             (1,n)   Eccentricity
   L             (1,n)   Mean longitude  (rad)



Common: Database/Constant
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Time/JD2T
SC: Ephem/Planets

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