Path: SC/Dynamics

% Initialize the wire model data structures

   Since version 2.
   [wireDS, x] = WireInit( nNodes, mass, massWire, lWireMax, kSpring, cSpring, vDeploy,...
					        cDeploy, nodeDeploying, rWireBase, rECI, vECI, q, omega,...
				            r0, inertia, gGOn )

   nNodes          (1,n)     The number of nodes in each wire
   mass            (1,1)     Mass of the core spacecraft
   massWire        (1,n)     Mass of each wire
   lWireMax        (1,n)     The length of each wire
   kSpring         (1,n)     The extensional spring constant for each wire
   cSpring         (1,n)     The extensional damping constant for each wire
   vDeploy         (1,n)     The deployment velocity for each wire
   cDeploy         (1,n)     Rate feedback for the deployment mechanism
   nodeDeploying   (1,n)     The node that is about to deploy
   rWireBase       (3,n)     The location of the wire base wrt the c.m.
   rECI            (3,1)     The ECI location of the spacecraft c.m.
   vECI            (3,1)     The ECI velocity of the spacecraft c.m.
   q               (4,1)     The quaternion from the ECI frame to the core frame
   omega           (3,1)     The body rate.
   r0              (3,1)     Reference point
   inertia         (3,3)     Core inertia
   gGOn            (1,1)     1 = on

   wireDS          (7,n)     The wire data structure
   x               (m,1)     The state vector



Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit

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