% Simulate raising to graveyard orbit from GEO.
 This is a low-fidelity model with a specular sail using EarthGuidance and 
 FOrbCart. Integration is with RK45 (variable integration timestep). 
 The simulation is run three times, for three different sail areas.
 The spacecraft bus is 1730 kg (a Lockheed A2100AX bus).
 The largest sail modeled can achieve over 5 km SMA change per month.
 You can also run the sail perfectly sun-pointing for comparison.
 (1) Planar view of orbit
 (2) Elements for the last orbit
 (3) Control angles (for the last orbit)
 (4) Average change in elements each orbit
 (5) Perigree radius
 (6) Acceleration in LVLH frame (for last orbit)

   Since version 7.
  See also Cone, NPlot, Plot2D, TimeLabl, Cross, Dot, RK4, Unit, JD2000, 
  El2RV, RV2El, Eclipse, SunV1, Accel, ConeClockToU, UToConeClock, delta, 
   Copyright (c) 2006 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.
   All rights reserved.


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Math: Integration/RK45
Math: Linear/Cross
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Math: Linear/Unit
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/El2RV
SC: BasicOrbit/Period
SC: BasicOrbit/RV2El
SC: BasicOrbit/RVFromKepler
SC: Ephem/Eclipse
SC: Ephem/SunV1
Sail: Coordinates/ConeClockToU
Sail: Guidance/EarthGuidance