Path: SpacecraftEstimation/StellarAttDet

% STARIDPYRAMID Identifies the best star matchesusing triads.
 One or more measurements may be bad. This routine requires at least three
 measurements. Assumes a pinhole transformation with Pix2U; you must set the
 pixel scale factor in the options for successful star identification.
   options = StarIDPyramid
   [starID, uMeas, uCatalog] = StarIDPyramid( starMeas, d, options  )

   starMeas  (.)     Star measurement data structure
                      .pixelLocation         (2,m) vectors of [xloc,yloc]
                      .pixelIntensity        (1,m) Intensity
   d         (.)     Catalog data structure
                      .starMatrix            (4,p)  Star catalog of p stars stored as [intensity;u]
                      .fieldOfView           (1,1)  Field of view
                      .nearMatrix            (3,:)  [dot;star1;star2]
   options   (.)    Options
                      .angleTolerance        (1,1)  Tolerance on star angles
                      .pixelMapScale    (2 or 1,1)  Pixel map scale factor
                                                    (focal length in pixels)
                      .nMeasMax              (1,1)  Max number of measurements
                      .verbosity               (1)  Verbosity level
                      .stars                   (:)  A set of a priori star indices

   starID     (m)     Catalog id's of measured stars
   uMeas      (3,:)   Measured unit vectors
   uCatalog   (3,:)   Corresponding catalog vectors

   Reference: Mortari, The Pyramid Star Identification Technique


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