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This function computes the Jacobian matrix for a right hand-side.
Generates Associated Legendre Functions of the first kind and derivatives
Generate a series of sine and cosine harmonics of the arguments

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Finds perpendicular vectors to a such that Dot(b,a) = 0.

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Fourth order Runge-Kutta. Called function is of the form:
Fourth order Runge-Kutta integration. RHS is time-independent (TI).

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Computes the right column compression of a matrix. Compresses the
Vector cross product for multicolum arrays.
Deletes leading zeros from a vector.
Dot product with support for arrays.
Duplicate vector n times
Computes the factorial matrix for a matrix.
Set = 0 if the matrix is all zeros.
Magnitude of a set of vectors
Computes the upper row compression of a matrix.
Converts a vector into a skew symmetric matrix.
Computes the product of two skew symmetric matrices derive from vectors.
Converts a vector into a skew symmetric matrix
Unitize vectors by column.

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Rounds towards zero to the nearest 1/2.

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Inverse cosine with output in degrees.
Cosine with input in degrees
Sine with input in degrees
Wrap a phase angle (or vector of angles) to keep it between -pi and +pi

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