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Load the GEMT1 data.
Load a spherical harmonic gravity model from GSFC/University of Texas at Austin.
Generate a normalization matrix for spherical harmonics
Remove normalization from a gravity model

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[a,th,i,q1,q2,W] -> [a,i,W,w,e,M]
Convert NORAD TLE string into a data structure.
Compute the transformation matrix that rotates ENU to ECEF coordinates.
Convert the standard orbital element set into an Alfriend orbital element set
Computes the differences between orbital element vectors.
Transform (range,azimuth) to (latitude,longitude) coordinates.

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Compute the gravitational acceleration in spherical coordinates.
Compute the gravitational acceleration in cartesian coordinates.
Perturbing acceleration due to a planet on a spacecraft.
Propagates the NORAD two line elements, ex. SGP, SGP4, SGP8.
Propagates a set of NORAD two line elements with a common time frame.

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Computes the right hand side for Earth gravity with J2.

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