Dynamics and Control Package


Welcome to the API documentation for the Dynamics and Control Package for VisualCommander, Version 2.

This demo project is provided with VisualCommander. It includes simulation models and control software for several interesting demos. On Macs, the setup files need to be placed in /Library/Application Support/VisualCommander/Model Libraries/ for the included VC interfaces (vci files) to work. Building the XCode project will copy them to the correct location. On Windows or Unix, the libraries must be copied tp /usr/local/lib, and the setup files may be run from any location using the included command line utilies.


The package includes several DSim models. The models subclass from dsim_model. The simulation setup files included are

See the DSim Models and Power System pages.

Control Software

The package includes several ControlDeck software modules. The modules subclass from cd_control_module. The ControlDeck setup files included are

See the ControlDeck Software Modules page.


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