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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions: [code]
automobile_network.h [code] [code]
automobile_simple.h [code] [code]Source file for battery class
battery.h [code]Header file for battery [code]Manifest of bundle's DSim models
dac_manifest.h [code]Header for DSim manifest [code]Source file for load class
load.h [code]Header file for load [code]Source for maglev class
Maglev.ds2 [code]The magnetic levitation simulation setup file
maglev.h [code]Header for maglev class [code]Source file for class maglev_control
maglev_control.h [code]Header file for object of class maglev_control [code]Manifest for Maglev control deck [code]Source file for class maglev_timer
maglev_timer.h [code]Header file for class maglev_timer [code]Source for ph_process
ph_process.h [code]Header for ph_process [code]Source for ph_sensor
ph_sensor.h [code]Header for ph_sensor
PHSim.ds2 [code]The PH simulation setup file. The PH sensor is a child of the PH process. This enables the sensor model to easily request data from the parent process for use in computing the modelled sensor output [code]Source file for class power_system
power_system.h [code]Header file for power_system [code]
solar_panel.h [code]Header file for a terrestrial solar_panel
SolarPowerSystem.ds2 [code]Demonstrate a solar power system with solar panels, batteries and a load
TwoCarSim.ds2 [code]Simulate two cars to demonstrate targets
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