Software Development

Our in-house software expertise spans a number of areas where we can put our experience to work for you:


The transition from prototype to working code can be complex, and our engineers can assist. Moving from interpreted code in a prototyping environment like MATLAB to native code running on real hardware offers numerous advantages, but the complexities of native languages and libraries can turn the task into a timesink for teams not built around it. Put our software engineers to work turning your prototype into solid native code and spend more time focusing on what you do best.

Application Development

In addition to our popular VisualCommander product, the software team has developed several custom Mac OS X applications in support of industrial R&D and process control. We can provide existing simulation and control frameworks in addition to custom development work under any UNIX-compatible environment, including Mac OS X. The team also has broad development experience with Linux, FreeBSD, AT&T/BSD Unix.

iPhone Application Development

Our engineers have completed two iPhone apps that are currently available on the App Store.

The ChessNotePad app for iPhone is now available in the App Store, providing an elegant means for serious chess players to record their games, as well as replay them and other imported games.

Note All is a notes database app which utilizes many iPhone technologies such as MapKit, reverse geocoding, CoreGraphics, audio recording and playback, in-app purchasing, email, the Pasteboard, and Apple's new wireless printing technology, AirPrint.

Simulation, Control, and Embedded/Flight Software

PSS implemented a Kalman Filter for yaw attitude estimation for the Koreasat spacecraft. A PSS engineer traveled to Korea to support installation in the real-time system. PSS designed an embedded system using a 32-bit microprocessor and FreeRTOS to control a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

In addition, we have developed software solutions for certain image processing problems such as the analysis of muddled, blurred, and otherwise imperfect images. Applications include defect analysis and characterization, and reconstitution of poor images.

PSS supported the testing of the GPS IIR flight software. This including software verification and test and simulation design.

Read more about our flight software experience.


PSS has extensive experience with OpenGL, Mac OS X Core Graphics and GPU programming. Our VisualCommander product has several displays using these technologies. Our experience includes loading and display of models, large-scale terrain and elevation mapping, lighting, and use of particle engines to produce rocket exhaust, reentry plumes and explosion effects.

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