Path: Common/Control

% Create a SISO compensator using a variety of compensator elements.
   element of d is a data structure which contains the parameters of the
   particular compensator.

        Element Type                Underlying Function
        --------------------        -------------------
        'butterworth filter'        CButter
        'delay'                     Delay
        'general second order'      Gen2nd
        'integral'                  Integral
        'lead-lag'                  LeadLag
        'notch'                     Notch
        'pilot'                     Pilot
        'pulsewidth modulator'      PWM
        'shaping filter'            ShapeFlt
        'washout'                   ND2SS( [1 0], [1 w] );
        'zero order hold'           ZOH

   g = CompE( x, sType, dT )

   x           (n)   Compensator element data structure
                     .... (different for each element type)
   sType       (1,:) State space type, 'delta', 'bilinear', 'zoh', 'forward', 'backward'
   dT          (1,1) Time step

   g           (:)   Compensator



ACPro: Pilots/Pilot
Common: Classes/@statespace/and.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/close.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/connect.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/eig.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/get.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getabcd.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getsub.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/isempty.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/mtimes.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/plus.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/series.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/set.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/statespace.m
Common: Control/CButter
Common: Control/CToD
Common: Control/Delay
Common: Control/FResp
Common: Control/Gen2nd
Common: Control/Integral
Common: Control/LeadLag
Common: Control/ND2SS
Common: Control/Notch
Common: Control/PWM
Common: Control/ShapeFlt
Common: Control/ZOH

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