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Transformation from abc to the switching reference frame.
Convert between AB and DQ coordinates for 3 phase currents.
Angle encoder model. Outputs is from 0 to b.
Dynamical model for a capacitor.
Converts a digital word to a voltage.
Dynamical model for a diode.
Dynamical model for an inductor model.
Generate an n phase signal.
Parks transformation matrix from ABC to DQ coordinates for 3 phases.
Per unit normalization.
Full wave rectifier. This uses 4 diodes.
N Phase rectifier. This uses 2*n diodes.
A six switch rectifier.
Transformation from abc to switching reference frame.
An ideal transformer.
Dynamical model of a transformer in the dq frame.

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Matrix converter demonstration
Simulate a matrix converter in steady state.

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Transformation from the AB frame to DQ frame
Demonstrate the ABC machine model for a permanent magnet generator
Demonstrate the ABC machine.

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3-Phase to 3-Phase Matrix Converter Switching Functions.
Matrix converter dynamics

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Generates the phase coil datastructure.
Computes the B field of a Halbach array.
Computes the B field of a Halbach array for a dual rotor motor.
DC motor model.
Doubly fed induction generator model equilibrium voltages.
Doubly fed induction generator model.
Computes flywheel stresses.
Permanent magnet machine model in ABC coordinates.
Permanent magnet machine model in ABC coordinates with 6 switches.
Permanent magnet brushless machine in DQ coordinates.
Pitch servo model.
Right hand side for a 3 phase reluctance motor or generator.
Computes shaft stresses.

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Photodiode bandgap.
Solar cell voltage vs current.
Solar cell monchromatic efficiency.

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Diameter from AWG gauge.
Resistance from AWG gauge.

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