Generate a Team Goals data structure given the formation type and size.
   Enter a single input, 'list', to see a list of all supported types.

   This function:
        + supports all 10 formation types for circular orbits
           - circular based trajectories found with GenerateTeamGoals
           - desired x,y,z position of each trajectory is used 
           - each eccentric trajectory defined by the constraint that 
              they intersect the desired position at the given 
              true anomaly "nu"
        + supports new formation types designed explicitly for eccentric orbits
           - tetrahedron at true anomaly "nu", with orientation "eul" (requires that nRels = 3 )
           - others ?

   Since version 7.
   teamGoals = FFEccGenerateTeamGoals( el0, fType, fSize, nRels, teamID, nu, eul );

   el0           (1,6)  reference orbital elements   [a,th,i,q1,q2,W]
   fType          (1)   formation type
   fSize          (1)   formation size
   nRels          (1)   number of relatives in the team
   teamID         (1)   unique integer team ID 
   nu             (1)   true anomaly at which specified geometry occurs [rad]
   eul           (3,1)  Euler angles to define orientation of geometry (optional)

   teamGoals      (.)   Team Goals data structure, with geometric goals
                        for all unique states, and corresponding constraints


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