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Derivation Functions

Compute the applied delta-v from the applied force.
Takes the 3-axis force in [kg*m/s/s] and computes the delta-v in [m/s].
Computes the distance of each spacecraft from the center, given the
The template for new derivation functions.
Differences two vectors.
Compute the magnitude of the difference between vectors.
Transform ECI pos & vel to Hills pos & vel.
Compute the Magnitude of a vector of data in the PlottingTool.
Transform ECI position and velocity into orbital elements.
Transform ECI frame coordinates to Hills frame
Compute the semi-major axis difference between each spacecraft and its reference
A Plotting Tool derivation function for transforming ECI coordinates to Hills frame
Takes a 6 state input and returns the first 3 states (position).
Takes a 6 state input and returns the 3 state output (velocity).

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This function creates a GUI for doing animations.
This function creates an interface for deriving data in the
This function creates an interface for displaying variables in the
This function creates an interface for grouping variables
Plot and animate simulation data from a GUI.

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This GUI allows you to make parametric plots.
Parametric Plotting.
Create a parametric plotting data structure.

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Sim Results

PC-Resizing_HiFi.mat - Resizing_HiFi - Sample results file.
SimOutMatlabRecon.mat - Sample results file.

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FF_Agent_Sys.mat - Template for a formation flying system.
FF_Cpp.mat - C++ formation flying simulation template.
FF_Matlab.mat - Matlab formation flying simulation template.

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Replaces all underscores in strings with '\\_' so that the underscore is not
Get the data from an ObjectAgent simulation
Initialize the axes for an animation.
Output the version string.
Creates a cone with angular width 2*theta about the vector u.
Create figures with automatically labeled and organized plots.
Plots a set of 2-D or 3-D vectors.
Save 3D trajectories in the PlottingTool format.
Read in output text file generated by OA dynamics simulation
Read in simulation output text file for use with the PlottingTool.

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