Path: SC/GUIPlugIn

% Generate attitude profiles. 
   x = AttitudeProfilePlugIn( action, modifier, hFig, position, callback )

   action      (1,:)  Action 'initialize', 'update'
   modifier    (1,:)  Modifier to the action or data structure if intialization
   hFig        (1,1)  Handle to the figure or if 'update' radio button handles
   position    (1,4)  [left bottom width height]
   callback    (1,:)  Callback string when something has changed in this gui

   x           (1,1)  The tag if action is 'initialize' else
                      .nSamp      (1,1)     Number of samples
                      .time       (1,nSamp) Time from start
                      .jD         (1,nSamp) Julian date
                      .rECI       (3,nSamp) Position vector
                      .vECI       (3,nSamp) Velocity vector
                      .angle      (1,nSamp) Time from start
                      .planet     (1,:)     Planet name
                      .qECIToBody (4,nSamp) Quaternion
                      .omega      (3,nSamp) Angular rate

  There are six choices of attitude profile in the GUI: LVLH, ECI, sun-nadir,
  spinning, sun, and user-defined. The user-defined function takes two 
  optional parameters and must have the following form:

     [qECIToBody,omega] = f( [rECI; vECI], jD, p1, p2 );

  where rECI, vECI, and jD are arrays of length nSamp.


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