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% Reads in flex data from a formatted text file. 
 The flex data is in the following format. The inertia and rotational modes
 are optional. If the inertia is not included it will ignore
 PhiQX, PhiQY and PhiQz if they are present. See also LoadFlex.

   # Nodes
   NodeID rX rY rZ mass inertia     (one line for each node, inertia is [ixx iyy izz ixy ixz iyz])
   ModeID omega                     (one line for each mode)
   NodeID PhiX PhiY PhiZ PhiQX PhiQY PhQiZ (one block for each mode and within each block
                                             one line for each node)
   g = GetFlex( file, path, name )

   file    (:)    File names
   path           Name of path
   name    (1,:)  Name of model

   g      (:)     Flex model data structure
                  .name   (1,:)   Name of the component
                  .nNodes (1,1)   Number of nodes
                  .nModes (1,1)   Number of modes
                  .node   (n)     Node data structure
                                  .r       (3,1)  Location of each node
                                                  with respect to the origin
                                  .mass    (1,1)  Mass of each node
                                  .inertia (3,3)  Inertia of each node
                                  .nodeID  (1,1)  Node id
                  .mode   (m)     Mode data structure
                                  .modeID  (1,1)  Mode id
                                  .phi     (6,n)  x = phi*eta where
                                                  eta is the mode displacement
                                  .omega   (1,1)  Modal frequency



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