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% Generates open loop four channel magnitude plots for roll/yaw dynamics. 
   Automatically plots double integrator and the low-order plants too. Since  
   the plant is minimum phase you don't need the phase plots. The full
   order plant includes the nutation mode. The low order plant includes
   only the orbit rate mode. The frequency vector gives the frequencies
   used in the plots.

   Since version 1.
   Form: [a, b, c, d, aL, bL, cL, dL, w] = RYDyn( inr, hw, wo, iAxis )

   inr           (3,1) Inertia matrix
   hw            (3,1) Momentum vector
   wo            (3,1) Angular velocity vector
   iAxis         (1,2) Axes of interest (any two transverse to wo)

   a             (4,4) Full order roll/yaw plant matrix		       
   b             (4,2) Full order roll/yaw input matrix		       
   c             (2,4) Full order roll/yaw output matrix		       
   d             (2,2) Full order roll/yaw feedthrough matrix		       
   aL            (2,2) Low order roll/yaw plant matrix		       
   bL            (2,2) Low order roll/yaw input matrix		       
   cL            (2,2) Low order roll/yaw output matrix		       
   dL            (2,2) Low order roll/yaw feedthrough matrix
   w             (1,:) Frequency vector used		       



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