% Combined guidance and control demo with fixed rate two-body dynamics.
   This script uses FMovingBody which distributes rates to the core body when
   the boom is moved to conserve momentum.

   This demo uses the PlateWithBoom CAD model. The control law is
   designed using PIDMIMO. There is no roll actuation and therefore the
   attitude trajectory must use only Y and Z torques.

   The attitude dynamics assume fixed gimbal rates. 
   The CAD model is a perfectly specular plate with a control boom.
   The time step is 600 sec for the outer ACS loop and 120 sec for the inner
   loop which moves the boom.

   Functions demonstrated:

   Since version 7.
  See also AC, CrossSection, PIDMIMO, Q2AU, QForm, QTForm, QZero, U2Q, 
  Constant, WaitBarManager, Plot2D, Plot3D, TimeLabl, Cross, Mag, RK4, Unit, 
  JD2000, RV2AE, El2RV, Accel, FMovingBody, ClockConversion, ConeClockToU, 
  QToConeClock, FHingeOrbit, ProfileStruct, SailDisturbance, 
  SailEnvironment, delta, LocallyOptimalTraj
	  Copyright (c) 2005,2006 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. 
   All rights reserved.
   This file is referenced for listings in the User's Guide.


AeroUtils: CAD/CrossSection
Common: Control/PIDMIMO
Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/WaitBarManager
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/Plot3D
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Common: Quaternion/Q2AU
Common: Quaternion/QForm
Common: Quaternion/QTForm
Common: Quaternion/QZero
Common: Quaternion/U2Q
Common: Time/JD2000
Math: Integration/RK4
Math: Linear/Cross
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit
Orbit: OrbitCoord/RV2AE
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/El2RV
Sail: AttitudeDynamics/FMovingBody
Sail: Coordinates/ClockConversion
Sail: Coordinates/ConeClockToU
Sail: Coordinates/QToConeClock
Sail: DemoFuns/FHingeOrbit
Sail: Disturbances/ProfileStruct
Sail: Disturbances/SailDisturbance
Sail: Disturbances/SailEnvironment
Sail: Guidance/LocallyOptimalTraj