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Demonstrates how to use the thermal modeling package
Analysis of an ideal Brayton cycle
Demonstrate Thermnet.
Thermal equilibrium examples.
Demonstrate Thermnet with a three node model.

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Design a linear quadratic temperature controller

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Create a simple satellite with 6 panels for thermal analysis.

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Aerodynamic heat flux.
Ideal Brayton cycle
Used by fmins from SolarPanelThermal to compute panel temperatures.
Aborptivity and emissivity of a gray body.
Model a spacecraft as an isothermal radiator.
Isothermal model in heliocentric orbit.
Model a spacecraft as an isothermal radiator in lunar orbit.
Lambert's cosine law.
Computes the temperatures of a panel from a CAD model.
Planck's law for a black body.
Compute aerodynamic heating.
Model a spacecraft as an isothermal radiator.
Radiation between equal area flat plates.
Radiation from an incremental area
Compute the front/back temperatures of a solar panel.
Draw spacecraft in orbit about a planet, as seen by an in-situ camera.
Compute the temperature in input flux for the spacecraft components.
Generates a color corresponding to a temperature.
This function computes the thermal equilibrium for a system
Creates a set of first order differential equations to model

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Draw a thermal diagram.
Plots flux and temperature.
Color a spacecraft or planet corresponding to a temperature.

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Absorbed radiation from an incremental area.
Aborptivity and emissivity of a black body.
Computes the emittance of plates in parallel.
Computes the temperature at two surfaces of a flat plate
Values for heat shield coatings.
Values for radiator coatings.
Converts temperatures between units.
Temperature of a cylinder. Includes ends.
Temperature of a flat plate.
Temperature of a sphere.
Computes the peak black body wavelength as a function of temperature.

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