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AtmosphericCalculations CAD ComponentModels


Computes the Earth's atmospheric density using scale heights.
Computes the atmospheric density using Jacchia's 1970 model.
Computes the barometric exponent.
Computes the diffusion exponent.

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Generates generic properties for CAD components. The types are:

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Draw an air core magnetic torquer.

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Transform between selected coordinate frames and representations.
Compute latitude, longitude, altitude from ECEF position.
Computes the matrix from mean of Aries 2000 to the earth fixed frame.
Convert an earth fixed position vector to [latitude;longitude;altitude]
Angle between the horizon and a vector from rG to rS.
Compute ECEF position from latitude, longitude, altitude.
Convert [latitude;longitude;altitude] to an earth fixed position vector.
Rotate about a body axis to align a body vector with an inertial vector.
Generate the quaternion that transforms from the ECI to the Hills frame.
Computes the time derivative of a quaternion.
Generate the quaternions that transform from ECI to LVLH coordinates.
Rotate about an axis to align "ua" as close as possible to target "ut"
Computes geocentric latitude and longitude from r

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