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Compute the libration frequency from inertia and orbit rate.

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Transformation matrix from the perifocal frame to the inertial frame.
Converts eccentric anomaly to mean anomaly.
Computes the true anomaly from the eccentric or hyperbolic anomaly.
Converts orbital elements to r and v for an elliptic orbit.
Computes the right-hand-side of the orbit equations about a mass point.
Generate the eccentric anomaly from the mean anomaly and the
Approximate root to Kepler's Equation for elliptical and hyperbolic orbits.
Eccentric anomaly for an ellipse.
Eccentric anomaly for a hyperbola.
Computes the true anomaly from the mean anomaly.
Generate the true anomaly from the mean anomaly for a parabola.
Converts true anomaly to eccentric or hyperbolic anomaly.
Converts true anomaly to mean anomaly.
Compute the orbital rate from distance and semi-major axis.
Compute the period for any orbit.
Converts Cartesian state to Keplerian orbital elements.
Generate an orbit by propagating Keplerian elements.
Computes the orbital velocity.

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Gather output from the hysteresis damping simulation

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Gravity gradient for a rigid body with small offsets from LVLH.
Computes a gravity gradient torque from r and mu.
Returns optical surface properties for selected materials.
Compute the solar force on a set of elemental areas.

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Rigid body right-hand-side.
Computes the angular acceleration of a rigid body.
Rigid body dynamics with damping.

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Computes the geocentric magnetic field based on a tilted dipole model.
Computes the solar flux prediction based on Julian date.

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Transformation matrix from ecliptic to Earth equatorial planes.
Computes the matrix from mean of Aries 2000 to planet fixed frame.
Computes the mean earth rate.
Computes eclipses.
Compute Greenwich mean sidereal time from Julian date.
Computes a mean sidereal day
Computes the matrix that transforms from ECI to selenographic axes.
Generate the moon vector in an earth or spacecraft centered frame.
Lists moons of a planet or planet center about which a moon orbits.
The changes in longitude and obliquity due to earth nutation.
Simplified planet ephemerides from the almanac.
Computes the position vectors of the planets as a function of time.
Generate the sun vector in the earth-centered inertial frame.
Finds the sun vector any place in the solar system.
Compute the terminator line on the Earth that defines day/night.

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Flux density from the magnetic field due to hysteresis.
Right hand side for a dynamical model of magnetic hysteresis.
Right hand side for a dynamical model of magnetic hysteresis.
Torque from a hysteresis damper.

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Creates a figure with Earth texturemap, political boundaries, and lat/lon.
Add planet to the current axes.
Plots one orbit and the sun vector looking down on the ECI Plane.

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