MATLAB® Consulting

PSS has over 20 years of MATLAB® experience. We specialize in simulation and control system design. Our own Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT), Aircraft Control Toolbox (ACT), and Core Control Toolbox (CCT) have over 6,000 functions and demos that range from simple coordinate transformations to high fidelity simulations for various space missions.


PSS provides support to Toolbox customers through training courses and custom MATLAB development. PSS has developed custom solar sail MATLAB tools for both NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and ESTEC. The figure at right shows a sail force plot from a function created for Goddard.

Optimization and Simulation

PSS's release SCT (version 9) added new software that utilizes optimization methods to plan an orbit trajectory for a low energy transfer from Earth orbit to lunar orbit with a gravity assist from the sun. This is just one application of our optimization methods in MATLAB. A collection of some of our simulation demos can be downloaded from our SCT Pro Webpage.

Graphical User Interfaces

We also have developed an expertise in making specific GUIs that utilize MATLAB to make for a more user friendly input, ouput, and visualization experience for customers. An example of a PSS GUI that is used in the Spacecraft Control Toolbox is shown below and can be downloaded here.

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