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The Professional Edition of the Spacecraft Control Toolbox provides everything in the CubeSat and Academic versions, with the addition of advanced tools for attitude and orbit estimation, sensor and actuator modeling, and subsystem analysis. Toolbox applications include control system design, nonlinear simulation, orbit analysis and mission planning including interplanetary trajectories, spacecraft design and layout, trade studies, and attitude and orbit visualization. Use the menu above to get more information about Professional Edition features in the specific areas listed. The toolbox is provided with full source code for every function, nothing is hidden!


User's Guide User's guide for SCTPro [pdf]
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Key Features

Your purchase of the Professional Edition includes access to our comprehensive textbook, Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control. PSS provides free email and phone technical support for a year and will create custom scripts and add new functionality at user request. Contact us for a time-limited demo, or try some of the demo downloads below!

Sample Demos

Attitude3D Simple sim using a CAD model of the spacecraft to view the attitude. Demonstrates control design using PIDMIMO, the Disturbances function, rigid body attitude dynamics with FRB, orbit dynamics with FOrbCart, and integration using RK4. The CAD model is viewed using DrawSCPlugIn.
Image Processing Demonstrates image processing functions to showcase the edge detection abilities. It utilizes a canny enhancer to thin the edges to an almost prefect circle therefore increasing the precision of optical navigation.
Pressure Kalman Filter Demonstrates a fuel mass Kalman filter for a blowdown system. The pressure measurement has 12 bits resolution and random noise.
Spacecraft Pointing Demonstrates a spacecraft in orbit pointing at a target on the Earth. Uses a control system to quickly navigate to target and then rapidly approach steady state.
Shuttle Simulation Simulate the space shuttle model. Demonstrates the ability to visualize a mission operation. The mission in this simulation is to simply open the shuttle main doors and extend an arm.
Telemetry Demonstrates the application of the telemetry GUI. Streams data and displays it in real-time. Can also plot this data. Sample telemetry data is provided and runs for 1000 steps.
Three Axis Control Implements and simulates a spacecraft with reaction wheels and thrusters. Demonstrates:
  • 3-axis earth pointing attitude control with reaction wheels and thrusters
  • Disturbance modeling
  • Inertia computations
  • Thruster maneuvers