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Fusion Propulsion Module

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The Fusion Propulsion Module, for use with the Spacecraft Control Toolbox provides you with a complete, integrated set of tools needed to perform the design and analysis of nuclear fusion propulsion systems.

The Fusion Propulsion Module includes functions for nuclear fusion power generation, nuclear fusion physics and propulsion. It has a complete set of functions for point reactor designs. All fusion reactions including Deuterium-Tritium, Deuterium-Helium 3 and Boron Proton can be analyzed. Additional functions provide tools for sizing shielding and cyrogenic cooling systems.

The Fusion Propulsion Module tools can be integrated with the attitude and orbit simulation functions in the toolbox to perform complete end-to-end propulsion system design and simulation. Missions to the planets, planetary moons and even nearby star systems can be studied.

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Key Features

The Fusion Propulsion Module provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities including: