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Power conversion mass.

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Creates a table for a 10 MW D-He3 engine.
Generates a point design for a D-He3 engine.
Pluto mission engine design

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He3 Reactant mass flow
Demonstrate RectilinearMission - burn, coast, burn.
Design the starship

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Compare Bremsstrahlung for several fuels.
D-He3 Fusion Power
Look at fusion losses for several fuels
Analyze a D-T power plant.
Plot collision crosssections for D-D, D-T and D-He3 reactions.

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Returns the exhaust velocity.
Design a driven D-He3 fusion engine.

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Generate a mission plan for a burn, coast burn mission.
Simulate rectilinear motion.
Compute the time to reach a given velocity.

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Computes the Alfven speed.
Returns the atomic number.
Computes the bremsstrahlung radiation as a function of wavelength.
Computes the cyclotron frequency.
Computes the fraction of D going to each reaction.
Disturbance in a Tokamak plasma due to edge localized modes (ELMs).
Computes the effective charge in a plasma.
Finds products of fusion reactions. D-D, D-T, p-B11 and D-He3 are
Gas pressure.
Computes Gyro radius.
He3 Reactant mass flow
Computes the ion cyclotron frequency.
Returns the ionization energy per nuclei.
Returns the ionization power per nuclei.
Computes fields for multiple current loops.
Computes the number of electrons.
Constants useful in plasma physics.
Returns the plasma frequency.
Computes plasma heating per unit volume.
Computes fusion plasma pressure.
Computes the Plasma Radius from the desired power and net
Computes the Plasma Radius from the desired power and net
Power lost by the ions to the electrons.
Create a string with a reaction.
Computes the Saha equation for ionization.
Computes thermonuclear reaction crosssections.
Computes the synchrotron frequency. Enter one argument for the
Compute the attenuation mass and absorption mass for a material.

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Computes the magnetic field from plasma pressure.
Compute the ratio of magnetic field and pressure.
Computes Bremsstrahlung radiation.
Computes the central plasma pressure.
Computes the central temperature.
Fusion power.
Computes the first wall thermal power.
Fusion power.
Computes the magnetic mass from density, stress, magnetic field, and
Computes the magnetic mass from density, stress, magnetic field, and
Computes the magnetic radius from the mass, density, stess,and magnetic
Energy stored in a magnet
Computes the magnetic pressure.
Computes net fusion power.
Compute number density from beta, b and kT.
Computes the plasma internal energy.
Computes the net power from a fusion reaction.
Compute the power for a D-He3 reactor.
Major and minor radii for a spherical torus.
Generates a statespace model of a tokamak. The output is the vertical
Computes synchrotron radiation.
Simulates a model of the vertical position of a plasma in a Tokamak.
Computes the tokamak beta.
Computes the volume averaged pressure.

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Dose build up for a spherical shield with a point source.
Mass of a spherical shield with a point mass source
Neutron attenuation with LiH.
Compute neutron shield thickness.

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