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Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control Textbook

The Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control textbook is a completely updated reference covering all aspects of spacecraft attitude and orbit control. This book is included with purchases of the Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT) but is also sold separately. It is based on 33 years of experience in spacecraft control and includes cutting edge work that is unavailable in any other book. The book is intended to be fully self-contained and includes all required mathematics and control theory needed to delve into spacecraft control. The book approaches spacecraft control from a broader perspective by covering relative spacecraft position control as well as attitude control.

The book includes complete chapters on spacecraft examples including solar sails, formation flying, geosynchronous spacecraft and sun-nadir pointing spacecraft. Topics that influence attitude control, including thermal control, power systems and communications links, are also included. Other chapters include spacecraft operations, fault detection and the spacecraft design process.

Numerous examples with code from the Spacecraft Control Toolbox (sold separately) are included. The examples are provided as MATLAB® scripts. A tutorial chapter provides a complete spacecraft design and includes all of the MATLAB code needed to replicate the results. Owners of the toolbox can run every example and the book is included with each Professional and Classroom purchase. However, the textbook is fully self-contained and it is not necessary to own the toolboxes to learn the material. Please note that this textbook DOES NOT INCLUDE the Spacecraft Control Toolbox. ONLY the tutorial companion code is included. To see the code in action, you can download the tutorial app here. Please contact us or one of our distributors for a quote on the Spacecraft Control Toolbox.

The textbook is suitable for college juniors and seniors, graduate students and aerospace professionals.

Your purchase of the textbook includes a download of the pdf onto your computer and copies of the scripts used in the tutorial/ We will also answer a limited number of technical questions that you may have via email. The textbook is available for a single user or as a library license for an academic institution or corporate library with up to 10,000 users. For larger libraries please contact us for pricing.

The third edition is now two volumes and includes new material on Lyapunov stability and Lyapunov based controllers,new material on three body problems and a new chapter on interstellar missions.