Spacecraft Control Toolbox

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The orbit module provides functions for orbit dynamics analysis and simulation, orbit maneuver planning and includes a high-fidelity orbit propagator.



Key Features

Orbit Propagator GUI

The Orbit Propagator GUI provides an interface to the high-fidelity propagator. The propagator uses a singularity-free spherical-harmonic gravity model. This tool allows users to:

The user can select force models, initial conditions, gravity models and stopping conditions through the GUI. In addition, the user can create his or her own control routines for feedback orbit control. All of the force models use m-files that can be customized by the user. Force models from the Spacecraft Control Toolbox can be used for high-fidelity solar pressure and drag calculations.

The GUI can be driven from a MATLAB® script file for production runs. You can interchangeably work with the GUI directly or through a script. Every button on the GUI is accessible through a simple function call.