Commercial Products

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art software tools to the aerospace industry since 1995. See general purchase information and our distributors list here. Also see our Services page.

MATLAB® Toolboxes

Our toolbox suite includes the Core Control Toolbox (CCT), Aircraft Control Toolbox (ACT), Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT), Launch Vehicle Toolbox (LVT), CubeSat Toolbox, Wind Turbine Control Toolbox (WCT), and our Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control textbook with examples from the SCT.

Simulation & VisualCommander

VisualCommander is a revolutionary new product that merges data acquisition, simulation, processing and visualization. These capabilities are provided in a plug-in framework that you can customize. At Princeton Satellite Systems, we use VisualCommander to support all of our research projects. The Simulation Framework embedded in VisualCommander is also available for purchase separately.

Aero/Astro Control Software

Princeton Satellite Systems supplies its aero/astro control packages for space applications including CubeSats. These are add-on products to VisualCommander. The packages include C++ code implementing the control system, a complete simulation, and a VisualCommander interface.

ControlPlan - Decision Support

ControlPlan is cutting-edge decision support software that generates courses of action for operators of highly constrained, complex systems. The computationally intensive aspects of planning are automated, freeing the operators to focus on comparing alternative plans.


MatrixLib™ is a C++ implementation of one and two dimensional matrices. Ideal for science and engineering applications, this library provides an easy to use matrix "class" with an extensive body of functions and operations.

iPhone Apps

Princeton Satellite Systems currently has two iPhone Applications available on the Apple App Store. ChessNotePad provides an elegant means for serious chess players to record and playback their games. Outer Space Defense is an game designed to teach relative orbit dynamics, pitting your mastery of spacecraft orbital control and prowess with a laser against multiple attacking enemy satellites.


SunStation™ is the first 24/7 100% solar charging station for electric vehicles. Providing 240V AC power from solar-charged batteries, the SunStation is entirely self-contained; it can charge any electric vehicle anytime, anywhere. Single-vehicle and dual-vehicle charging models are available. Grid-tie optional.


Our CubeSat product line includes hardware and software for CubeSats, including a special MATLAB toolbox, a control system for VisualCommander, and an innovative new reaction wheel for ultra-precise attitude control.