PSS Simulation Framework

Sophisticated simulations at your fingertips! The cross-platform DSim and ControlDeck frameworks provide a new customizable solution for modeling your system and implementing the control software. Also see our VisualCommander client for Macs.


The DSim framework allows you to write your own C++ models and integrators and connect them in a multi-object simulation of arbitrary complexity. Each component can have its own dynamical states and can expose data to other models in several ways. When you need closed loop control of your simulation, our ControlDeck framework is ready with easy variable mapping.

Control Systems

ControlDeck is based on a set of asynchronous modules that communicate through a robust messaging architecture. This provides tremendous flexibility when implementing complex multi-rate control systems. Modules can run off timers, based on events, or using background threads.

It's easy to use ControlDeck with hardware in the loop. We've used it with Phidgets USB components including motors, temperature sensors and PH sensors. We've also used it with Saitek flight simulator controllers, Labjack I/O Boards and other hardware.


DSim and ControlDeck are cross-platform libraries and can be used on Mac, UNIX, or Windows OS.


VisualCommander for Mac OS X provides a complete visualization and graphical user interface to the simulation frameworks. Access all of your simulation and control telemetry in a hierarchical tree, and assemble interfaces using drag and drop. VC also includes our DSimManager application for building DSim setup files.

Spacecraft Control

We use DSim and ControlDeck internally for all of our research and software development. Our Aero-Astro Vehicle Control products include the Spacecraft Package of DSim models, the CubeSat Control System control software bundle, and our Core GN&C software bundle included Unscented Kalman Filters.

For More Information

Our engineers have developed flight software for a number of successful satellite missions.

For further information about our Simulation Framework, send us an email: Simulation Inquiry