ControlDeck 2.0


ControlDeck is based on a set of asynchronous software modules that communicate through a robust messaging architecture. This provides tremendous flexibility when implementing complex multi-rate control systems. A ControlDeck application can also run and be linked to a DSim simulation, automatically. Variables from the DSim simulation can be mapped into the ControlDeck software, for example simulated hardware outputs or measurements. ControlDeck outputs can be mapped back into the simulation providing closed-loop control.

VisualCommander provides a built-in data source that can run and interact with a ControlDeck, providing real-time interaction between a user and the software.

When programming your own ControlDeck software you will subclass each module from cd_control_module. The functions to run a ControlDeck are in cd_control_deck; VisualCommander can manage this for you or you can write your own applications using the cd_control_deck class. The components of a setup file are described in Setup file, and the format for your library manifest is description in Library Manifest Generation.

ControlDeckManager is an application for creating setup files. While such files can be created by hand in simple .txt files, ControlDeckManager reads the actual module libraries available on your system and provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating control decks. ControlDeck Manager will display all the variables being created and used by the modules within the control deck, allowing you to ensure that all required data is being provided. The manager also allows you to set up a simulation to be run in DSim by ControlDeck, and to map variables from that simulation onto ControlDeck variables. The resulting setup files are xml.

The following pages provide more information on using ControlDeck:

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